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While rates for particular types of cases may vary, my normally hourly charges are as follows:


Attendance at Arbitration or Mediation Proceeding:  $300/hour (some minimums may apply)

Preparation and Study for mediation or arbitration: $150 to $200/hour. (dependent on complexity)

Consulting Services: Fees vary between $75 and $150/hour

Travel: $0 if under 3 hours, otherwise $50/hour. Travel costs such as airfare or hotel billed at actual cost.


I am willing to perform arbitration or mediation services for community ADR as a pro bono or reduced charge matter.  Smaller cases ( claim values under $75,000) or certain expedited matters will receive  a 25% discount if within 75 miles of Muscatine, Iowa.


Note: While I am a licensed attorney, these services do not include the practice of law and retaining me does not establish any attorney-client relationship.

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