May 6, 2019

Henry Marquard was named in St. Ambrose University Faculty Honor Role Publication in December 2019 for programs presented outside the university. While teaching American Government in Fall Semester, Henry also participated in a panel discussion on US Constitution Day and will be presenting a program on the Iowa Caucus on January 29.​

Henry Receives Award in Washington and Presents in Kansas City.

On May 6,2019, Henry received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Legal Counsels Forum of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies at its Annual Meeting in Washington DC. The award recognizes his leadership as a member and chair of the Legal Forum. The ACEC Legal Forum is made up of inside and outside counsel representing the engineering and design professions.

On May 16th, Henry gave a presentation at the Burns and McDonald 10th Annual Design Build CLE Conference in Kansas City, MO. The presentation "Managing International Claims" proposed an methodology for engineering and construction companies operating internationally to deal with foreign claims through resource management. Please contact Henry for additional information on this program.

April 17, 2019

Henry Marquard joins the American Arbitration Association National Panel of Arbitrators.

Having completed his arbitrator training,  Henry joined the AAA as an arbitrator on April 15, 2019. He is available to arbitrate construction, commercial and consumer cases throughout the Midwest. AAA's Arbitrator training is a nationally recognized program in arbitrator training and the American Arbitration Association is the largest private arbitration firm in the US Its international group, ICDR, provides international arbitration services.

From VANGUARD Magazine, Spring 2017, Edition II
Produced by Kyle Gahm and Written by Christine Fisher
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